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Five Questions



'Five Questions' was born out of the idea of writing some music in complete darkness, removing any kind of visual stimuli from the experience of playing piano. Having this concept in mind, I got into the habit of sitting in front of the piano just before drifting off to sleep and recording some snippets of music every night, using only my ear and intuition, and allowing accidents and mistakes to lead the way in the compositional process. These drafts were recorded, arranged and eventually became a collection of very personal piano compositions that I am now really excited to share with you.




Written, recorded and mixed by Iván Muela during winter 2019.
Artwork photo by Rikke Westesen -
Special thanks to Ben Socrates for letting me use his piano and to Rikke for the beautiful album cover photo.


Released on 11th April 2019


“Five beautiful piano ditties that reside in the peaceful space just before sleep, each with a kind knack for caressing tired minds”. - The Letter

"Ne scaturisce un breve ed intenso notturno fatto di aggraziate melodie pervase da un romanticismo malinconico che si librano tra le ombre profonde come eco di emozioni delicatamente sussurrate". - SoWhat (IT)

"(...) Riducendo ancor di più all’osso il proprio registro espressivo, Muela ne amplifica invece i contenuti emozionali, scanditi dalle prolungate risonanze e dai silenzi tra note sospese, le cui filigrane armoniche scorrono come una lenta sequenza di diapositive". - Music Won’t Save You (IT)

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