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The five tracks that make up 'Monologues' were written while in isolation. They became a sort of sonic journal in which I explored making music with limited resources and a limited headspace. It’s about finding a place in the world, about building a solid anchor within the self in an uncertain environment. ’Monologues’ is an honest reflection on finding peace and was conceived as a space to think rather than a story in itself.

The music in this album is sonically softer and less raw than in my previous releases. It uses some tape loops, guitar pedals and generative techniques to create an environment that responds and reacts unpredictably. In some ways, 'Monologues' is actually a dialogue between the musician and the technology behind the music.




Composed by Iván Muela using synths, cassette recorders, virtual instruments, a toy piano, and generative techniques
Written between March 2020 and January 2021
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Bileam Tschepe (elekktronaut)


Released on 28th February 2022 on Rusted Tone Recordings.

Limited edition cassette with translucent flou green shell.



"Intense and brooding atmospheres (...). A worthwhile addition to your ambient and drone collection" - n0transmission

"Lockdown made everyone a little crazy, a little too enamored of the movies that ran inside our own minds, but Muela has found something beautiful in that forced looking inward. Tune in to his frequency". - dusted magazine

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