How Much Left Gone

The music in How Much Left Gone is presented as a five-verse poem and was recorded entirely during the night. Rather than being simply avoided or disregarded, background noises and accidental glitches are brought to the foreground, becoming the characters of a story that comprise their own complexity and evolving personalities.

Five Questions

'Five Questions' was born out of the idea of writing some music in complete darkness, removing any kind of visual stimuli from the experience of playing piano. I got into the habit of sitting in front of the piano just before drifting off to sleep and recording some snippets of music every night, which would eventually become this EP.


The sonic world created by the young composer in Unsound is a swirl of emotions. The melodies and textures captured in its 11 tracks bring the listener into a different dimension in which feelings like desolation and hope walk hand by hand. 


Glow is a conceptual EP exploring the process of composing ambient and drone music using only sounds coming from a grand piano.



Written and recorded within one hour.
"No drafts, no studio trickery and no brainy harmony or virtuous melodies. Just a piano, a room and a portable recorder that I was placing in and around the piano".