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Anamnesis is made up of 22 short pieces stitched together to narrate a sonic journey through memory.

I had always been fascinated by how photographs, and particularly postcards, can evoke an immediate sense of nostalgia even when the viewer has no direct connection with the moment or the place they depict. I’m intrigued by what makes our minds project our own memories and emotions onto sound and visuals -- sometimes allowing us to revisit memories, at times distorting them, enhancing them or generating them altogether. I started making these musical miniatures, patching together field recordings, tape loops, synths, piano improvisations and found sounds; writing, mangling, doing and undoing, and stopping myself when I felt that a moment had been created. I ended up with over 50 pieces that then turned into this 22-track collection of sonic places.

The album is produced using a combination of synths, piano, guitar, old tape equipment, generative techniques and field recordings.




All music produced and mixed by Iván Muela during 2022.

Mastered by Ewan Fisher.

Released on 16th June 2023 on Sine Language Records

Available on digital and limited edition cassette.

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