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How Much Left Gone


‘How Much Left Gone’ is an ambient album that comprises ephemeral and nostalgic experimental soundscapes.


It was produced using a 4-track cassette recorder and a reduced sound palette, consisting on an old synth, contact mics, ground noise, feedback and guitar pedals, to create simple loops and drones that intertwine and unfold at their own pace.


The use of unsynchronised repeating elements creates a sense of chaotic harmony; of imperfectly cyclical soundscapes that seek peace in a decaying aural environment.


The music in How Much Left Gone was recorded entirely during the night and is presented as a five-verse poem. Rather than being simply avoided or disregarded, the background noises and accidental glitches are brought to the foreground, becoming the characters of a story that comprise their own complexity and evolving personalities.


How Much Left Gone will be released digitally and as a limited edition cassette, designed by mixed-media artist Yasmine Dainelli, also author or the artwork.




All music composed on a 4-track cassette recorder by Iván Muela.

Artwork and tape design by Yasmine Dainelli -


Released on 6th November 2019.

Limited edition of 50 cassette tapes.


“There are no cliches here, instead, there is this sense of building something, a home, a safe space, a nest (...) These ears are all the wiser and/or warmer, for having taken the adequate time to allow Muela's gorgeous work to sink in" - ToneShift

"Much ambient music tends to be ethereal, floating, wispy, delicate music; Muela’s is instead very earthy and grounded. It’s built out of found sounds and loping melodies, which makes everything feel heartily more real than ambient music usually is". - Independent Clauses

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